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While traveling alone may not be ideal, there are many options for single senior travel than you may think. Although you may get paired with someone less than desirable, there are other options for single senior travel. In fact there are companies out there that will allow you single accommodations, even if it is for a few more dollars. You can choose from many groups and clubs and still get discounts even if you are traveling alone.
The best way to avoid paying more for single senior travel is to get paired up. This usually happens when you go on a cruise or if you decide to take a tour or group trip. Most of the time they will do the best they can to pair you up with someone that is most compatible for you. This is then up to you to give them as much information as possible to get the best partner as possible. They will also ask if you prefer to be paired up with someone of the same sex or not. Although this can be less than ideal, you will save money in this aspect.

If money is not as much of an issue for you then single senior travel can be had for a little extra. Sometimes they can charge up to a hundred percent more, but if you look around enough you will find the best deal. The reason that you may be charged more is that in most instances groups and such are geared towards couples. It also costs more to get a single room in some instances, rather than double occupancy. By having a single in the group, less money is getting spent and they are trying to make it up somewhere. However this can be your best option if you prefer not to be paired up with someone you don't know.

Of course if you look carefully enough you can find companies like Travel One from the UK. This company offers single senior travel that doesn't cost extra and doesn't require the traveler to be paired up with someone they don't know. You can still meet a lot of different people but not have to worry about sharing a room with someone that may be less than ideal. This company offers packages all over Europe as well as India and Egypt too. They also are planning to start doing some trips to New Zealand as well. Although they are not the only company out there geared towards single seniors. Get online and start checking out your options, your bound to find one.

As you can see there are many options when it comes to single senior travel. Some may require some extra money or patience, but you can also get the best of both worlds as well. Taking to the time to find the option that is best for you, will definitely be worth it in the end.

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